Here is a taste about the Story and Features:

Eden Hunt is a gifted and ambitious young explorer. On her return home from an expedition she is contacted by a mysterious character who offers her the chance to take part in a treasure hunt to find the priceless effigy of Akua.

Intrigued by the challenge, Eden turns up on the island where the hunt is set to take place. She realizes straightaway that her quest is going to be no walk in the park. The treasure is protected by a vast system of enigmas that have to be solved to progress and every clue counts. To make things tougher, Eden notices that she has rivals also exploring the island in search of the treasure. Who are they? What are they hiding? With victory in sight, the hunt is disturbed by a serious of troubling disappearances. Who will be the next to go?

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totem Take on the role of Eden Hunt
totem Take part of a huge treasue hunt
totem Solve a vast system of enigmas
totem Watch out all tricks from your rivals

totem 6 chapters
totem 81 riddles
totem 15 lock puzzles
totem 5 tangrams
totem 5 puzzles
totem 1 systemic game playable all game long

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